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Universal fun for kindergartens.

In  this funny children's show, Captain Nobi is in full swing! With his spaceship he is traveling to foreign galaxies. True to the motto: «Nobi is perfect!»


The mission is to spread laughter across the universe. A stubborn robot is also part of the party and causes all sorts of turbulence. Of course, the magic isn't neglected either.


During the journey into space, a young skunk gets lost on board and the chaos is complete. Can Nobi save the mission?

Director: Jürg C. Maier

Props: Stahl und Traum

Electronics: Dan White

Idea, concept, graphics and sound design : Martin Iarrera

This show is suitable for kindergartens & primary schools for children aged 5-8 years.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Kinder-Zaubershow Kindergärten Schulen
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