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Kinder-Zaubershow Kinder-Geburtstag

With Nobi the magician on children's birthday, magic and fun are guaranteed even for a small budget.

The show for the small budget!


Surprise on children's birthday! True to the motto: "Nobi is perfect!" the lovable, weird magician Nobi welcomes the children and the show can begin. Non-stop magic ensures fun and amazement.​ The children love Nobi, and not just because of his speech impairment!


During the magic show, a young skunk also gets lost on the show and the chaos is complete. Is Nobi really a wizard and can he save the show?

Duration: 45 minutes.

This show is suitable for at-home children‘s birtdays for a maximum of 20 children (ages 5-10) + 5 adults.

For celebrations at other venues, please request a quote. Additional viewers cost CHF 20 per person (exceeding CHF 300, you will be upgraded to the Show „Nobi & the magician“).

If desired, the children can learn a card magic trick in a 15-minute magic course, which they can keep. Recommended from 8 years.

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