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Kinder-Zaubershow Kinder Event

Assistant Nobi should actually only announce his boss, but curiously he tries his hand at the magician's props and the children have fun.


As if by magic, the great magician suddenly appears and the magic show can finally begin. How was that possible? You won't believe your eyes - such a quick costume change? Was it magic after all?

Ideal for schools, children's birthday parties, children's parties and children's events. For children from 5-12 years.

Duration: 45 minutes (events) and up to 60 minutes (schools).

If desired, the children can learn a card magic trick in a 15-minute magic course, which they can keep. Recommended from 8 years. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a magician's career?

Two magicians: double the magic fun at the children's party, children's event or school.

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