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Children's magic shows or a  magic project week? 

Nobi is THE Swiss children's magician. True to the motto: «Nobi is perfect!» the lovable and weird Nobi inspires the children with his funny children's magic shows. He cheerfully conjures up the blue sky and the children have fun!

The children love Nobi, not only because of his speech impediment. During the magic show, a young skunk, a robot or even the magician Martin Iarrera gets lost in the show and the chaos is complete. Can the show still be saved?

Duration: 45-60 minutes.


Nobi is played by Martin Iarrera, professional magician since 1991. He is the official magician of the school board of the city of Zurich, member of the MRS Magic Ring Switzerland and prospective primary school teacher, University of Education Zurich PHZH (5th semester).

If desired, the children can learn a magic trick in a 15-minute magic course, which they can take home with them. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a magician's career?  However, learning the magic trick is only recommended from the 2nd grade onwards.

Kinder-Zaubershow Kinder Event

My experience: your profit! My experience in magic, acting, speech training, directing, clowning, theater sports, yoga and writing and developing ten magic theater programs with over 5,000 shows in over 30 years will benefit you.

  • Professional magician since 1991

  • Experience as a workshop leader for magic, theater sport and theater pedagogy

  • Prospective primary school teacher (5th semester) PHZH

If there is not enough budget in the KG or the school, but you are flexible about the date of the event, the fee can be negotiated.


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