The figure of Nobi is played by the magic artist Martin Iarrera from Switzerland.


  • Start of the dream career with magic box at the age of 6 years

  • 1984 Basic course in magic at the first magic school in Switzerland

  • Business school diploma in 1990, then on tour with his magic show and also worked at the magic shop in Zurich

  • Since 1991 he has been self-employed as a magician

  • Masterclasses with magician Pedro (CH)

  • Masterclass in manipulation and street magic with Jim Cellini (USA)

  • Further training for stage, theater and improvisation with Bob Fitch (USA), Ed Bordo (USA), Jürg C. Maier (CH) and Gaston (D), Thilo Matschke (D), Susanne Seewald (D)

  • Singing with Michael Raschle (CH) and Master Clown with CW Wolfe (USA)

  • He has been working with his "in-house directors" Jürg C. Maier and Gaston for over ten years

  • He has already written over ten short magic theater programs, some of which are still performed

  • To date, Martin Iarrera has performed over 5,000 times.

  • Martin Iarrera is a member of the MRS Magic Ring in Switzerland.

  • He is a certified Elements ™ Anusara Yoga Teacher

  • Martin Iarrera is the official magician of the Zurich Education Authority and is currently studying at the Teacher Training College in Zurich PHZH, where he is training to become a primary school teacher. He has already completed his basic studies.

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