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The figure of Nobi is played by the magic artist Martin Iarrera from Switzerland.


  • Start of the dream career with magic box at the age of 6 years

  • 1984 Basic course in magic at the first magic school in Switzerland

  • Business school diploma in 1990, then on tour with his magic show and also worked at the magic shop in Zurich

  • Since 1991 he has been self-employed as a magician

  • Masterclasses with magician Pedro (CH)

  • Masterclass in manipulation and street magic with Jim Cellini (USA)

  • Further training for stage, theater and improvisation with Bob Fitch (USA), Ed Bordo (USA), Jürg C. Maier (CH) and Gaston (D), Thilo Matschke (D), Susanne Seewald (D)

  • Singing with Michael Raschle (CH) and Master Clown with CW Wolfe (USA)

  • He has been working with his "in-house directors" Jürg C. Maier and Gaston for over ten years

  • He has already written over ten short magic theater programs, some of which are still performed

  • To date, Martin Iarrera has performed over 5,000 times.

  • Martin Iarrera is a member of the MRS Magic Ring in Switzerland.

  • He is a certified Elements ™ Anusara Yoga Teacher

  • Martin Iarrera is the official magician of the Zurich Education Authority and is currently studying in the 4th term at the University of Education in Zurich PHZH, where he is training to become a primary school teacher.

From Magic Box to Magic Artist.

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