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Birthday Party, Familyday, Event, School and Kindergarten


For children's event, Kindergarten,
school and children's birthday party in Swiss Dialect, German or English.

Nobi is THE Swiss children's magician. True to the motto: «Nobi is perfect!» the lovable and weird Nobi inspires the children with his funny children's magic shows. He cheerfully conjures up the blue sky and the children have fun!

The children love Nobi, not only because of his speech impediment. During the magic show, a young skunk or even a robot gets lost in the show and the chaos is complete. Can he still save the show?

Duration: 45-60 minutes.

For children from 5-12 years.

The children's magician Nobi is suitable for children's birthday parties, kids' parties, children's events, kindergartens and schools. There are three different children's magic shows to choose from.


Nobi is played by Martin Iarrera, professional magician since 1991. He is an official magician of the Zurich city school board,  Member of the MRS Magic Ring Switzerland and he is currently studying at the Teacher Training College PHZH to become Primary School Teacher.

Laughter and amazement.



Three different, entertaining and child-friendly shows:

If desired, the children can learn in a 15-minute magic course
a card magic trick they get to keep. Recommended from 8 years.

«Super magic show, perfectly tailored for kindergarten to 3rd grade. Highly Recommended!!!!"
Gisela Schödler, kindergarten teacher

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